Gold Facial Mask – Crystal Collagen Mask Series


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  • Gold Facial Mask
  • Crystal Collagen Mask Series
  • How To Use:
  • Thoroughly cleanse face. Apply this product on the face.
  • Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Remove by peeling the side of the mask and slowly lifting.
  • Use promptly after opening. For initial user, use 1 pack per day for 3 consecutive days for better results. After that, nourish skin with this product whenever needed.
  • On cold days, mask pack may be placed in warm water of 50C for 5 minutes before use. On hot days, mask pack may be first placed in the refrigerator. The sensation will be more comfortable and the treatment more effective.
  • Use after bath or after warming your face for 10 minutes with a hot towel. This will enhance ths skin’s absorption of the nutrients from the mask.
  • You can enjoy favorite music or reading while you are suing the mask pack. And enjoy a perfect change and brilliant life brought through the consumption of this mask.
  • Cautions:
  • Do not reuse the mask
  • Do not use onto the wound, inflamed, eczema and other abnormal skin
  • Discountinue to use when any skin irritation occurs
  • For skin sensitive person, please do a sensitivity text before use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Should not be long-term put perpendicular, should not be store at the temperature above 50C
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