Head Kandy Hair Brush Straightener


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  • Head Kandy Hair Brush Straightener
  • Model: HQT-906
  • For Silky Smooth Hair
  • NanoCeramic & Anti Static Plate
  • Professional Salon Model
  • Creates Silky Shiny Hair Instantly
  • Quick Heat Up
  • ANTI SCALD Design
  • Great For All Ages
  • Head Massage Dunction
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • High-Temperature Resistant Engineered Plastic
  • Piano Finish
  • Cut Straightening Time In Half
  • Creates Straight
  • Frzz Free Strands Fast
  • How To Use:
  • Make sure your hair is brushed through with a wide tooth comb or brush to remove all tangles. Head Kandy’s Straightening Brush is not meant to replace your brush, it is meant to be used as an appliance!
  • Section your hair. If the brush isn’t able to reach all parts of your hair it will not work.  Start at the nape of your neck and work your way up to the top of your head! If you section your hair it will not matter how thick your hair is! Small sections work best, even for the thickest hair! We promise that if you section your hair this brush WILL work!
  • For people who have a sensitive scalp, try turning the brush around, putting the bristles to the outside. This allows the brush to glide through your hair, guiding the curls in a straight path – what an easy way to straighten curly hair. Sometimes the rubber tips on the bristles can pull your hair and cause discomfort! Here is a picture of what we mean!

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