Massager Reflex Reflexology Slippers 1450+200 Delivery Charges


The Foot Reflex reflexology sandals use the principles of Chinese medicine whereby each part of the body is represented by the nerve endings in a specific part of the foot. With the Foot Reflex reflexology shoes, these “reflex” points are massaged and the balance of your organs can be restored. Foot reflexology increases blood and nerve circulation, so the relieved reflex areas will help the corresponding organs re-establish their blood supply and movement. You can also use foot reflexology sandals to test painful areas as well as to treat them. Using 82 massaging tips Foot Reflex reflexology shoes stimulate these points and ease the tension in your body as you walk. Made from high-quality rubber and textured plastic to ensure durability and effectiveness. Available in 3 sizes : Small (34-38), Medium (39-40), and Large (41-42).

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