ROTARY VEGETABLE CUTTER Rs.2600+200 Delivery Charges

  1. 3 function in 1, no matter slicing, shredding or cutting, ERGONOW makes it a piece of cake.
  2. Our rotary cheese grater with handle keeps you away from sharp blades without touching the blades
  3. Slid-in style blade, easy to clean, safe to use.
  4. Each part of the food shredder is detachable and washable, super easy to take apart and rinse under the faucet.


1-Super Slicer

Perfect for cucumber, cabbage, zucchini, carrots & potatoes. These thin slices are perfect for making homemade chips or salads.


Perfect for cutting zucchini for stir-fry or carrots for garnish.



Perfect for potatoes, carrots, cheese nuts and many other items. This drum is perfect for preparing ingredients for coleslaw and numerous salads.

4-Strong Suction Base

The suction cup on the bottom lock to stay, firmly attached to the counter, which makes it convenient to operate, no sliding.


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